MS Bike Tour – “Biking to the Viking” 2012

Hi all,

Just thought I’d give you a brief rundown of this year’s ride.  Mom (Susan) and I along with 3 other of my “Uncomfortably Numb” team mates (That’s our team name although it did accurately describe our state of being on Sunday at times at least) did the 2 days of the ride as we have for the last couple years.  Lining up in Stonewall, we were excited at the prospect of a fast ride to Gimli.

It was a blustery, windy day as you all know but Saturday had the wind at our back pretty much the entire time – almost felt guilty for how easy it felt.  We enjoyed a good dinner that night, and all headed to bed fairly early.

We woke up Sunday to some wet pavement…but the clouds were moving off.  The wind…unfortunately it was blowing out of the west and at least a third of our route was in that direction.  Mom and I saw the newest “Womenite in Tights”, Stephanie, in Gimli just before the start of the ride – she blazed into Gimli Saturday apparently…she’ll have to post something about that but awesomely fast from the sounds of things!!!  And we also found our favorite recumbent rider, Pete, who rode with the two of us the whole time making sure we didn’t just give up and throw our bikes into the ditch in defeat on the windy, blustery, long section into Teulon and the shorter one into Balmoral.  Thanks again Pete!

Next year…think maybe the Riding Mountain Challenge for a change of scenery…  🙂


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One of the "honorary Mennonites" in tights, I have and continue to enjoy the commaraderie and conversation to be had riding with the group. One of the few Women-ites in Tights, she hopes there'll be more females to join the group one day! :) The "boys" are very welcoming!

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