More on MAMILS

In an effort to get my lazy butt back into training, and to have some lighter reading while traveling, I downloaded this e-book. It turned out to be a fun distraction as I compared all the musings of these two middle-aged cycling enthusiast/authors to our MIT chatter over the years. The book is only $2.99 from the i-Book store, less than breakfast!


1 thought on “More on MAMILS

  1. I’d say RJ that most of us are too mature for the Mamil category. What would we be called? OTMamils. Older Than Mamils?! I’ll definitely give the book a look/read over. I’m looking at prepping the Bianchi for work travel now that I live back in the metropolis is Steinbach. I can officially vote for you now Jac … A free breakfast always is an encouragement for support. Brief case on the back rack and rubber bands over the pant legs. Just gotta figure out how to attach the cleats to my work shoes. Lol. Thinking that without the 8 km ride in to the tower I should be fresher than ever for group rides. Spring is coming, yes actually, and can’t wait to get back on the roads again. Keep shoveling, I mean keep pedaling!

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