Morden IV – Back 40 Folk Fest


Hey Roadies, Jim and I are planning a ride to Morden next Sunday (June 5th) where we will be attending the Back 40 Folk Fest.  I’ve been attending this little folk fest for years.  Jim and I (and sometimes Neil) have combined the Folk Fest with a nice century ride out to Morden (164 KM from Steinbach) several times now.  Why not join us?!  Our spouses will be driving out to meet us and after the ride we’ll relax in the Morden Centennial Park and listen to tunes for the afternoon.

Jim and I plan to meet in Kleefeld Sunday morning (exact time TBA…7:00 to 7:30 AM) and plan to arrive in Morden around 1PM.  The route will be approximately like this (follow the link).  We’ll be heading south to St Malo from Kleefeld, then west through Arnaud and crossing to “yawnt sied (sp?)” at Letellier (which has a good restaurant for breakfast).  Then a bit more south to Altona, where we hang a right at the world’s largest painting on a easel (an incredible 76 1/2 feet tall), appropriately (for the Sunflower Capital of Canada) a rendition of van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”.  Then it’s due west till we hit the end of HWY 201 at HWY 23, where we face a treacherous 7 KM North to Winkler (sort of like riding Hwy 12 South of Steinbach) and then the final pleasant cruise of about 9KM west to Morden.

For clean-up and changing before the Folk Fest, both Jim and I have relatives in Morden and can make arrangements for showers, etc.  Let me know if you’re interested.  Neil’s not coming so we need somebody else to show us how to pile a half litre of hammer gel on their chin!  By the way, outstanding that in today’s gloomy weather we had 10 riders (and thanks for pulling my sorry a** most of the way – again)!

6 thoughts on “Morden IV – Back 40 Folk Fest

  1. I’m sorry to miss this epic ride and festival. Do you think they’d postpone it for a week?
    Oh, and, by the way, that wasn’t hammer gel, it was chamois butter and I just had my cheeks mixed up!

  2. Oh yeah, and don’t worry about bringing “stuff”. Jim will pack a floor pump, lawn chairs, 6 tubes, 4 tires, lunch, and a 12 pack. He will also offer to carry all of your stuff and then proceed to pull most of the way there. So, no worries.

  3. You guessed it, Ron!! I’m gonna do the Jimmy “Two-Sacks” thing again this year and bring my bike with the paniers, so don’t bother bringing any extra food, shelter, clothing, tools, spare tubes, tires, weapons, electronics, liquor, cigarettes, etc. I got it all covered.

  4. Looking at the weather forecast for sunday morning: light southeast winds and a little bit cool in the morning, but sunny, so we get a partial tailwind most of the way. Hope this forecast holds.

  5. The ride was a great. According to my computer, the distance I rode from Kleefeld was 148.23 km, and my riding time was 6 hours , 1.4 minutes, averaging 24.6 kph. Ron started in Steinbach, so rode 20 km more. We had a lot of headwinds, going south, but a slight push from SE winds, going east. We missed a rain shower, as that occurred during our breakfast stop in Latellier.
    The weather started out cool but gradually warmed up. We met Andy just west of Altona, and he rode with us back to Morden, putting in 100 kms.. The Back Forty Folk Festival was excellent, especially “Woody Holler and His Orchestra”, the most “eclectic” group of musicians, I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to next year. Thanks Ron and Andy for the great ride.

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