Morden III – The Back Forty Folk Festival

Sunday, June 7th, is the date of The Back Forty Folk Festival.

Who recalls the epic 2008  ride of Neil, Jim, Ron, and Andrew into a 40kph crosswind from Steinbach to Morden?  The only relief in six hours was a great breakfast in Morris and  the all too brief wind at our back cruise going south down PR432 (Rosebank Road) for the last 20k. The incomprehensible happened when Jim actually slowed down and admitted he was tired!  You simply had to be there.  However, after refreshing beers at Andrews, an afternoon of great live music under a bright sun, and secure in the knowledge that our wives were driving us home, all the suffering somehow seemed worthwhile as a great day wrapped up around us like a warm blanky.

Anyone want to do it again (144K “one way”) – next Sunday is the day!

3 thoughts on “Morden III – The Back Forty Folk Festival

  1. Count me in, but Jim has to ride his cross bike with at least 2 bags full!
    Is Noreen going? Rhonda is interested, too.

  2. Count me in as well. I e-mailed Andy about it, so he will probably meet us somewhere along the way.

  3. Hey, just saw your site and this post. You guys might enjoy trying a mountain bike race to go along with the Back 40 Folk Fest.

    June 7th in Morden is the Back 40 Mountain Bike race. If you want to ride a bike a long way this weekend, sign up for the 80 km race, (or the 32 k or 16 k races) anyone can race, registration is cheap. All the details are here.

    Thanks – Kevin B

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