Morden III Ride (Back 40 Music Festival)—-Weather Forecast

As Sunday June 7 approaches, we should decide whether or not we’ll go ahead with the ride from Steinbach to Morden. ( That distance is only for Ron. Shorty and myself are closer to Morden). The good news is that we’ll have a TAIL WIND the entire way!!!  The winds are forcast to be from the ENE at 10-12 kph, really quite gentle.  The downside is that it’ll be somewhat cool and that’ll have an impact also on the music festival as it’s held outdoors.  At this point there doesn’t appear that any rain is in the forecast.  As for me, I’m 100% in favor of doing the ride.  The tail wind trumps everything.  Riding with the wind, as you all know, makes it seem much warmer and of course we can dress for the weather.  That’s my two cents worth.  What d’ ya’all think??????

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3 thoughts on “Morden III Ride (Back 40 Music Festival)—-Weather Forecast

  1. I’m bummed about the weather and considering bailing…but your enthusiasm is motivating Jim. I’m starting to get the “Jimmy legs”…

    If I had a MTB (thanks to last year’s theft I no longer do), I think I might take Kevin B’s advise and drive out there and do the MTB race.

    Not sure, maybe we wait until Saturday to make the call?

  2. I’m still game to go on Sunday. Hard to resist a tailwind for the majority of the ride. The festival might not be so much fun in the cold, though. I’d even consider driving out to Steinbach to ride the full distance with you, RJ. So long as Jim doesn’t make me pay for last year! Rhonda has decided she doesn’t want to go, so I’d have no ride back. Deciding tomorrow is fine with me.

  3. Hi Roadies,

    After a quick impromptu meeting at my place this a.m. (along with chastising from Neil & Jim for me being an no-show at this AM’s ride), the ride tomorrow to Morden for the Back 40 Music Festival is on! Jim promises it will be a wind-at-our-back ride (sounds like a made for TV CBC family hour show…).

    For any riders that want to pace us for part of the way, Neil and Ron will depart Steinbach at 7AM (meet at my place, 120 Greenwood St) and be joined by Jim, in Kleefeld, around 7:30 am. If anyone is just driving out to Morden for the Festival, we are planning to meet Noreen, Rudy, and Sue for breakfast in Morris, at Subway, ETA 9:45 am.

    Here’s to a good ride, great music and friends! Don’t forget to cast your “MIT Slogan” votes ! Noreen is threatening to go around to the 125 PC’s at the Bethesda Hospital campus and usurp our democratic process, so get your votes in!



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