morden II – the “true grit” ride

On August 24th at 7AM three intrepid souls departed Steinbach heading west to answer the call of the Alamo.  With cool temps and heady gusty winds of 30 to 50 kph, Big Jac and Rocket Man drafted Two-Shorts through to Kleefeld where they picked up Two-Sacks.  The foursome rode through to St Pierre where they parted ways.  After that it was approx 90 km’s of headwinds for RJ and Jim.  Perhaps an a propos description of this slogging journey is the “true grit” ride.  With respect to that American icon of true grit, John Wayne, a few quotable quotes that also seem particularly relevant:

 “A man’s go to do what a man’s got to do (most unfortunately also a memorable quote from the rednecks from Regina who chose to camp beside my family one long dark night in Waterton Lakes and pronounce this wisdom time after time as they drank pint after pint of beer and shot squirrels with thier colt 45’s).”

Life is hard, it’s harder if you’re stupid.”

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”

3 thoughts on “morden II – the “true grit” ride

  1. Paul will love this:
    After Ron and I stopped at Subway in Morris for breakfast, I started to lead the way out of Morris for the next leg of our ride. I missed the turn for Hwy, 23, however Ron was able to turn me around after only 2 blocks and get me in the right direction.
    BTW, I saw an optometrist on Friday and have a new set of spectacles on order. (no kidding).

  2. Just for the record, after Big Jac and I finished our “domestique” job of bringing ya’ll to Ste Pierre, we stopped in at the “Le Routier” for what I think was the BEST breakfast I’ve ever had on an MIT ride. That gave us what we needed to travel down the 59 to 52 and then we turned home gifted with a substantial tail wind all the way back to Steinbach. Sorry you couldn’t experience the wind behind your back on your epic adventure to the land of corn and apples.

  3. Truly an epic ride!! I had mini (60 km) version today commuting from the city into S by SE wind, but at least it was warm. I am also hoping that the forcast holds and I’ll have that wind at my back on the way in tomorrow….. I must admit that I checked the forcast Friday evening and never even rolled out of bed Saturday until 7:30 am. Hats off to those of “true grit” from those of us cyclists who are more “fair weather” and perhaps slightly more sane.

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