Moonlander has landed.

Hey everyone, just letting you know that I’ve got my first Moonlander Fatbike in for a customer. They said they wouldn’t pick it up until Thursday at the end of the day. If you’re curious or interested in fatbikes come on by Thursday 12-6 (I’m closed Wed.). You gotta see this thing in person!

3 thoughts on “Moonlander has landed.

  1. What a beast. How about several Trek kids bikes, a used chainsaw, some Miller Soft powder skis and a pair of Raichle Expedition boots for the Surley? After complaining about the size of the last Visa bill I don’t think I can muster the cash….yet! Or maybe I could trade that new oven that Yvonne just purchased.

  2. RJ, sad to hear you’re not using that 29er for what it’s made for. Maybe I just need to take you out to the good trails in Sandilands to get you hooked on mountain biking.

    Merle, you might get something of a discount for that chainsaw and powder skis.

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