This past weekend (Long) I was able to spend some time cycling in the beautiful Riding Mountain National Park.  As I am not able to attend the MS Dauphin to Wasagamming and back ride this coming weekend, the opportunity came up to at least cycle to the North Gate of the park and back from Wasagamming to get a feel of the full package of hills and descents.  The first day of riding was just a warm-up to Moon Lake and back (about 65km) when after the turn, I developed the first flat of the year.  No problem, I had a spare. However to my demise, the spare tube had a hole as well, and the glue in my patch kit was dry … so much for that.  A “good Samaritan” stopped by on his way to Brandon from Dauphin and generously gave me a lift back to the campground. (found out he’s a fellow Triathlete who also competed at Riding Mountain a few weeks back)  Day 2.  After a change of tube and new tire (glass had pierced the other one) and carrying 2 extra newly patched tubes (all I had left), just in case, I headed back out to the North gate (100km round trip)  What a great ride through the rolling terrain leading out to the escarpment drop off at the North end of the park: big speeds and exhilaration.  Now came the return ride back up the “endless climb” (where is that triple when you need it) and along the continuous rolling hills back to Wasagamming.  I didn’t run out of food or water although my “pistons” were tired and screaming by the time I got back.  I summised that the hour long breakfast break usually thrown in our longer rides was sorrily missed.  Passed about 4 other riders along the way whereas one 65year old on a road bike told me as I headed away, that he hates the “young-ins” … made me feel 40 again!  Such was the rides at RMNP September Long Weekend.  Hope the MIT rides this past weekend were great and enjoyable as well.

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