Monday May 20 Ride Postponed

Due to high winds mixed with rain today’s ride has been postponed to next Saturday May 25th.  I was going to cancel it but hate admitting that any weather would stop me from riding.

So I leave it to you ‘weather’ you will ride or not.

Reminds me of this story I have posted before. There was this dedicated roadie who was determined to cycle in any weather, if a ride was scheduled he was there.  One Saturday morning he crawled out of bed, looked out the window and saw the wind was howling with huge rain drops going sideways past the window.  Determined he quietly got dressed tiptoed through the house carrying his shoes so he didn’t wake his wife.  Once in the garage he checked his tire pressures, lubed the chain and took his bike down from the rack. When he opened the garage door he saw that the sky was churning above him, the wind had increased and due to the rain had trouble seeing down the street.  So he did the only sensible thing, he closed the garage door, put the bike back on the rack, quietly made his way back to his warm bed. As he slowly climbed into bed he reached over held his wife and said to her, you wouldn’t believe the weather out there, I have never seen such wind mixed with rain.”  Without opening her eyes she murmured, “and to think my idiot husband is out riding his bike in that weather”.

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