MIT Restaurant Review: The Redwing Diner on the Mississippi Flyway

redwingThe Mississipi Flyway serves as the main migration route for millions of birds moving between the Gulf Coast and the Boreal Forest of the Canadian North. At the centre of the flyway sits a little known but important stop on the migration, the lovely little town of Green Valley, aka Grunthal. One of the first birds to return to the north is the Red Winged Blackbird, and it is in Grunthal, with its cat-tail lined gravel quarries, that this water loving bird finds an ideal habitat. To commemorate the return of the birds, MIT made its first breakfast stop of the season at the appropriately named Redwing Diner.

The Redwing has a unique ambiance that sets it apart from its rivals. Stepping into its well lit sunken eating space the strategically placed coffee bar stands as a strong focal point.  The ubiquitous VLT machines are carefully hidden to insure that diners are not distracted from fully enjoying the cuisine on offer. Friendly flexible service and a unique clientelle make this little gem a full flush.

The Redwing is a second home to the salt of the earth farmers of the area.  For outsiders the rough around the edges demeanor might be a little intimidating. Comments such as “I’ve shot a man for less!” are commonly used by the locals to convey consent to a rearrangement of the furniture.  Rest assured that all is well, provided you keep your shirt on and don’t reveal your petechiae.


The Redwing offers up an assortment of fine fare. With exotics such as the Green Bean Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken, and Chicken Bacon Chowder, the dinner menu speaks for itself.  MIT’s focus is and always has been the petite dejeuner, and it is the bon oeuf that sets the Red Wing apart from such key competitors as The Big E’s 206 Grill in Landmark.  With the ability to offer a two egg, bacon and hashbrown breakfast, the Redwing sets a new standard for service in the Southeast.  img_20160521_100120-1-The skillet, delights the pallet with a fusion of egg, tomato, onion, hashbrowns avec fromage. Not that perfection was achieved in this dish, for it might have sharpened its flavour with the addition of a gerkin or two and a light salsa sauce, however it must be remembered that the Redwing does cater to those of more humble taste. Quick and numerous refills of fine grind brewed coffee, personal service from friendly staff and the patron, and a quick return of an errant cell phone get this establishment 3.5 stars (5 if I get my next meal free!).  Keep on flying Redwing, we’ll be back.