MIT—A Four Season Cycling Club

Today we had a very pleasant group ride covering a portion of the Crow Wing Trail, starting at Crystal Springs Colony, and following the trail (mostly) to a few miles northeast of Niverville, then returned, about a 50 km round trip. Pete, Robert, Tony and Jim did the ride, with Pete on his newly self built recumbent fatbike, Jim on his “bought” fat bike, Robert and Tony on their studded tire mountain bikes. Pete, Robert and Jim are in the middle of preparing for the “Actif Epica” on Feb. 18, which will follow the Crow Wing Trail from St. Malo to St. Boniface. If conditions for the race are going to be anything like today, it’ll be “a walk in the park”. But, who knows?
I highly recommend winter riding, especially on a fat bike. Trails, frozen rivers and creeks, dirt and gravel roads are all accessible. The more I ride my “mukluk”, the better I like it. I’m also really impressed with Pete’s recumbent fat bike—-he’s quite a craftsman.
If we can get more local riders interested, it might be a good idea to have weekly or perhaps semi-monthly group rides all through the winter.

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Semi retired, semi literate, a bit reclusive, but enjoy the company of the MIT cyclists-----> a great cross section of personalities, professions, ages, interests. We all share this strange obsession with the elegant, efficient, wonderful little machine called the bicycle.

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  1. This whole thing started with a few people (Jac, Rudy, Sue) getting together for rides. Really, except for a website and a bit of coordination by Jac, a couple of annual events (Headwaters 100, brunch ride, etc), and manic blogging by yours truly, it’s still little more than that (i.e. we’re not a sanctioned club or member of MCA, we have no “organization”). So, I’d say just go for it. Start posting some winter rides into the events editor on the website and see what happens. Maybe you, Rob L., and Pete would be the start of a new chapter of MIT. I’d be in, as soon as I have something other than a skinny bike 🙁 .

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