missed the st malo ride but…

Drink and drive?

Don't drink and drive!

Rudy and Sue cycled around the Napa Valley in California this morning. The 90km circuit included a breakfast stop in Calistoga and a number of stops at several wineries. While the road was mostly flat it DID seem to get a bit more ‘winding’ after a few samples! I uploaded some photos in the photo gallery.

2 thoughts on “missed the st malo ride but…

  1. Hi guys,

    You’re looking great – and those photo’s are delightful – thanks! It’s feeling alot like fall around here (cool, cloudy, windy) these days. I say “carry on” as long as the money and/or marriage allows. Some of that Napa juice would sure help to swill down the bannock in Richer on a Saturday morning.

  2. Awesome photos, guys – looks like a fabulous holiday. I also checked out the Oregon photos just below yours and they are great too. Were all the roads as nice as they looked in the pictures with great surface and shoulders like that?

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