Menno SuperKlompen

Persecuted by hostile Spaniards during the inquisition, Mennonites invented the superklompen, special wooden flotation clogs which allowed them to “water skate” over the polders.  Little known to anyone outside of a small circle of superklompen researchers, it was these superklompen that allowed Dirk Willems to elude his pursuers.  After escaping the tower in which he was held prisoner, Dirk used the Superklompen to traverse the thin ice and water of the moat around the tower.  The guard pursued Dirk across the moat, however, without the superklompen he quickly broke through the ice.  Dirk took the admonition to “love your enemy” seriously and returned to save his pursuer.  Later artists depicted Dirk in regular shoes, however recent archaeological work by our own Neil Thiessen has discovered the very same superklompen that Dirk wore, buried in the bank of the moat.  (See Neil Thiessen below in Dirk’s own superklompen.)  Unfortunately, Dirk’s Christian charity resulted in his execution through burning at the stake.superklompenDirk.willems.rescue.ncs