Look’n Good for 2013

I’m on vacation this week. Just a frittering vacation. Took a car full of stuff to the thrift shop, had noodle soup at Main B&B (man, I miss those lunch breaks at B&B…), drove my daughter to University, talked to Waldo about listing my house, etc. Today I tooled around downtown Wpg and dropped into MEC. They’ve really ramped up their cycling wear this season. They’ve brought in a much enhanced line of Castelli kits. Like this Prologo 3 Jersey – at $79 it seems like a fair price point too (compared to the $120 plus you pay for Italian brands at the typical LBS). Castelli roots go back 130 years to tailor Vittore Gianni from Milan. The MEC kits also seem to be of higher quality this year. I’m getting more partial to designer/unbranded kits. Not so keen on the typical loud/busy/noisy kits of charity rides and pro tour knock-offs. As per my earlier post, I think MEC is targeting the booming MAMIL market. Works for me :).

Castelli Prologo

2 thoughts on “Look’n Good for 2013

  1. Ron, your week sounds like mine. I’m just tooling around trying to stay out of trouble. We didn’t make it to Arkansas as the weather there was not that much better than here. The beauty of this was that the money saved on this trip went to a very worthwhile purchase. I have just added a pristine 2000 titanium Kona King Kahuna (Winnipeg Kijiji) to the stable. The previous owner babied this bike. Andre, lucky rider, just got my Kona Kula. Ah, the beauty of having children. With everyone switching to full suspension and 29ers there are some excellent deals to be had. $750.00 for a bike that listed for $4500.00 a decade ago. The Mennonite in me is almost beside himself. On the riding side, I got in my first 40km from LaBro to Richer yesterday. Chilly but windless, so all in all a good ride. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on our first club ride. Blessings to all as we remember the ultimate sacrifice this Easter weekend.

  2. I didn’t go to Arkansas, either——went to Salmon Arm, BC instead. All week long , sunny, temps from 15 degrees to 20 degrees, daffodils and crocuses in bloom, no wind, mountain roads. Beautiful cycling!!!!!

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