Look’n for my mojo

Well, since the belt notch has moved up and the pants are all snug again, it must be time to contemplate getting my heart beating from something other than a snow shovel. I setup the trainer, streamed the videos to the Apple TV and put on the training tire. That was a week ago. So far, not even this fast little blonde has actually gotten me onto the bike for a spin challenge.


5 thoughts on “Look’n for my mojo

  1. Ron, it’s absolutely the hardest, longest, most tortured hour of the day – the ‘Ride to Nowhere’! I guess that’s why he calls it ‘Sufferfest’ welcome to Sufferlandria 🙂

  2. P.S. (or is that B.S.?)
    I have even been struggling to get out skiing. Either it’s stupid cold or howling winds or snowing and howling winds or all of the above combined! Gaaaaaaa!!!

  3. I have released the belt buckle and pushed the pedals, weights and the treadmill. I remember the old days when I could do nothing for a few months and would gain virtually nothing. After age 50, three days without activity = 3 pounds and a month of intense work to get rid of it. Anyone in for brunch at Kleefeld this Saturday?

  4. Tempting offer but I had to sit through a “6 common mistakes when planning your kitchen renovation” seminar at Urban Effects. Guess what the 6 mistakes amounted to (my paraphrase)?

    1. Hiring someone other than Urban Effects
    2. Having a budget other than Urban Effects suggests
    3. Having a design in mind other Urban Effects suggests
    4. Having a product in mind that Urban Effects does not sell/make
    5. Doing anything yourself (that one is actually relevant in my case)
    6. Failing to plan ahead (geez, wish I had thought of that)

    Spinning for 90 minutes would have been more interesting than this seminar. Reminded me of the time share seminar we signed up for in Orlando years ago just so we could get free tickets to Universal Studios. I told Noreen I would pay the $150 for the tickets just to avoid going to the seminar ever again!

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