Look Where we Didn’t all ride in 2010

So we like riding to Richer.  Good food right distance and different routes experinced this last summer.  This list of where we all rode is well short of the variations we had other years.  Starting to get too comfortable riding the same places??  or what?

Then again we did start to ride the Richer ride by various routes and we did rediscovered St Pierre. 

So what do you think our rides should look like in 2011?

We have a commitment from Highways that they will be paving the 210 from Ste Anne to Landmark, that will be good for another couple routes. 

Bottom line is, breakfast needs to be good and at the right distance.

Here is where we rode in 2010

MIT Route #
Deacon’s 1
Grunthal 3
Kleefeld 5
St Pierre 3
New Bothwell 3
Richer 14
St Malo 2
Headwaters 1
Woodridge 4
Total Rides 36
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  1. I know the Hwy 206 surface can be crappy (and very firm on landing…my knee will attest to that) but there’s a decent restaurant in Landmark now for b’fast. Might be a good early season choice.

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