leaders are losers

Hey Roadies,

 I’m worship leader for a church service on the topic of “service” tommorrow.  Whenever I do this I get so preoccupied with it that everything seems to relate to the topic.  Did you think about how, in cycling, leading is the surest way to lose?  We all know how the Tour is won – by drafting, drafting, and more drafting (unless you’re Lance or Landis – and I don’t want to start the whole doping discussion – o.k., there’s Merx too – but you get my point).  Anyways, it strikes me how cycling is an analogy for the concept of servant leadership.  To really lead the team you have to be prepared to sacrifice the race and let the sprinter take the stage.  It’s actually a very biblical discipleship concept!  See Paul, when you ride with us, you are actually in Church, and when you pull, you are the preacher.  By the way, why did you miss “Church” today (it wasn’t even cold – we were sweating…)?

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  1. I hear you RJ. I have used that analogy myself in an Echoes article (church newsletter) last year. Yup, I think Curt coined the phrase, “Church of the Round Wheel” Well it is a religon of sorts, standard meeting time, all take turns leading, discussion on a varity of topics relating to life, communial meal, baptism by sweat, common goals and an agreed upon set of commandments.
    The ride this morning was great, good to be back on the bike after a 2 week layoff, the layers worked and I felt good. That was the 40th MIT ride of the year. I will provide stats in the next month.
    I agree with Paul, November rides will start later in the day either at 11 am or 1 pm. Let me know your thoughts.

  2. I went to “Church” in my basement on the rollers. And I agree with the analogy that church is alot like riding, every time I get on my bike I’m working out “Demons” so to speak. Ever wonder why you feel so good at the end of a long hard ride, even though your back, neck and legs may be killing you?
    Riding = church without the politics…

  3. Wow! What kind of ethereal ride did you have yesterday? I’m almost sorry I missed it! Are we changing our name to ‘Losers in Tights’? Or ‘Leaders in Hosen’ which, course would be shortened to ‘Lederhosen’?
    Great to hear there was actually a ride. The thermometer showed -6.5C at the Sandilands at 9:30am.

  4. So I went to church to support Ron as a worship leader. Outstanding job of being “over-perpared!” Three great stories of servanthood that hit home, each one a message of serving others.
    Appriecated the morning Ron. Next time leave time for the hired help.

  5. Thanks Jac, can’t believe I did that…oh well, like I said, maybe that will ensure that I don’t get asked for another 5 years!

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