Le Ronde de Hanover – a tour of the low country

With the Belgian Classics in full swing, MIT set out on its own version of a classic lowland ride. The Le Ronde de Hanover is the season opener for MIT and takes in some of the most picturesque rural roads in the historic Hanover countryside. This classic ride might best be compared to Paris-Roubaix with a mix of large stone pave, extreme washboard and smooth pavement. Like Roubaix the route of Hanover is flat, but the unpredictable often cold and wet weather together with the washboard make for challenging conditions which challenge the riders and act as the selectors. This year, with the fields and roads still covered by snow, the conditions faced in the Ronde were so severe that the selection was made from the gun. (o.k. you wankers…a little snow and MIT disappears?)  By the mid point of Le Ronde it was the veteran “Fabian” Cancenadler and “Heinrich” Hausellerbert dueling it out.  Cancenadler, at the peak of his form and fresh of Actif Epica, schooled Hausellerbert on how to ride the washboard (full suspension vs titanium hardtail).      As for the Peloton, it appears they never got out of bed and missed the first event of the MIT season.Milan San Remo

4 thoughts on “Le Ronde de Hanover – a tour of the low country

  1. As Noreen and I enjoyed our breakfast and browsed the free press at Jay’s, I had a fleeting thought as to whether anyone would actually ride today. As much as I look forward to the company of MIT once again, I felt seriously content to sip my coffee in the comfort of the cafe this morning. My journal for last year records 8 rides for a total of 392K by April 7th. Total this year = 2 cold rides and 56K.

  2. Hey Ron,

    Good to hear you’ve been out on the road. If the weather next Saturday does not change much I propose another ride on mountain bike to Kleefeld. Riding the gravel roads provides more shelter and the slower pace reduces the chill. Perhaps we can have a post and discussion Friday evening when we have a better idea of what the weather will be like.


  3. Due to the weather conditions and suggestions to ride mountain bike, of which I think is a good idea, I took the liberty to change up the rides for April.
    If we start a little later maybe the frost will be off the pumpkin alittle more. Anyway give it some thought but mountain or hybrid bike ride via country road to Kleefeld for brunch would work for me.

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