Latke 200 – post ride


Many thanks to the MIT riders who came out today for the Latke 200.  Unfortuantely I’m not able to report who showed up because the group I was in got separated from the group that had the MIT riders in it.  However, Brian Leier and Chris Harrington (MB Randonneurs) reported having a great time riding with MIT.  I suspect David Ford and David Crass (?) from FOG also had a fun time.

The weather held up very well today, and we “threaded the needle” between some thunderstorms on the way back.  Traffic was o.k., with only a couple of ranters on the road north of St. Adolphe (desptie single file riding – will that ever change??).  Nice Hardware store/food stop in Keefeld that we’ll have to work into the routes more often.  I finished at about 5:00 with the pack of slower riders (10 hours), just before the rain came tumbling down in Winnipeg.

The real disappointment was in La Broquerie – Cindy’s was no longer serving Potato Latkes!!   Oh, how we lamented that!  In the middle of the night during the 600 Rand ride, we were craving and dreaming of those Latkes.  Looks like Cindy’s is up for sale too.   We’ll have to mine the MIT Chatter board for more ideas of where to partake of some excellent food for these long rides.  Gas station rations just don’t cut it.

Today was the last of the Randonneur rides for this season.  Next spring a revised event schedule (not race schedule) will be posted to the website.  We’ll start with the “Populaire” series which build from about 50k rides up to the first Randonee of 200.  Next season should be a bit more interesting as riders start thinking more about what kind of preparation will be needed for Paris-Brest-Paris (1200km) in 2011.  Of course, MIT is welcome anytime!

Enjoy the fall riding,

Jason Carter

3 thoughts on “Latke 200 – post ride

  1. Hi Jason,
    Hopefully, you’ll be reading these comments.
    First, thanks for the ride. You have very nice people in your club.
    Second, in terms of “breakfast” restuarants in the southeast, we have many excellent ones. I’m sure my fellow MIT’ers will agree that the following ones are top notch. (not in order of quality)
    1. Richer—the one closest to #1 HWY.
    2. St. Malo Chicken Chef–ride a few blocks into St. Malo, you’ll find it.
    3. St. Pierre “La Routier”–discovered recently by 2 of our cyclists and highly recommended.
    4. Woodridge (20 km. further south than Marchand.)_
    5. New Bothwell
    6. Kleefeld (of course).
    7.Grunthal (possibly, although, I don’t recall our group every having breakfast there).
    8. Steinbach has many good restuarants, but since we start and finish there, we don’t eat breakfast there.

    If I missed any, maybe other MIT’ers will comment.

    Looking forward to more of your rides in the future.

  2. Thanks for inviting us Jason, it was alot of fun! Next year, you could consider switching the route to Ste Anne-Richer-La Broquerie rather than Ste Anne-La Broquerie-Marchand. Then we could stop in Richer for thier famous bannock. Perhaps we could rename the ride the “Bannock Brevet”!

  3. Just want to say what an amazing ride and experience the Ladke 200 was. Thanks Jason for the invite and the opportunity to take part in an event that was new territory and a new milestone (pardon the pun) for us MITers. When it was all done and finished, it’s easy to look back and say “that was easy” although one has to look at the individual preparation, drive and commitment that actually makes it a reality. It was great to ride with a number of other (new to us) riders and share this common passion we have for putting “that” 2 wheeler on the road and GO! I’m glad that all was safe with the group as a whole and wish all riders a safe and enjoyable fall season. We look forward to connecting again next year. Take care.

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