Latke 200 and 2009 Randonneur Series

Hello MIT!

I noticed a mention for info about dates for the Latke 200 in prior posts.  I think Brian sent out the list of rides dates to those who gave him contact info from last year’s Latke 200 – but just in case, I thought I’d post the full schedule.  MCA has changed their website and no longer has the full listing of local cycling events – at least not that his Luddite can find.

BIG CHANGE – this Saturday’s (April 25th) ride location has changed due to the flooding in the southern areas.   Here’s Brian’s note:

Due to the road closures in the south, we are moving the 200km to the north route. We will be starting from the 7/11 at McIvor and Henderson- 7:00AM start time. Please let me know if you will be riding this Saturday so I can get a rough count of how many cards we will need. Single ride cost is $10 or $25 for the season.

Brian’s contact info is below.

I’m not sure of the status of Cindy’s for latkes. I recall it being up for sale.  Last year we were very disappointed that they changed their menu a few days before the ride.  Names and locations of good local restaurants are always welcome.

Note the 600 below.  Usually the ride is entirely in the south west of the province.  But this year there’s a move afoot to cross hwy 75 and ride north through the south east for the last 150 or so.  That will avoid the dreaded, windy 100 to and from Carmen.  And it might make the ride more convenient for some of you.

Remember, there’s only 2 short seasons to prepare for the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200k ride in 2011.



Manitoba Randonneurs 2009 BREVET SERIES


Ride dates and start locations:


200km- April 25 (Saturday) 7:00AM from Shell Gas Bar- Pembina Hwy and Perimeter Loop route, time limit 13.5 hours.  [ SEE ABOVE NOTICE]


200km- May 2 (Saturday) 7:00AM from 7/11- Henderson Hwy and McIvor

Loop routes, time limit 13.5 hours.

200km and 300km- May 9 (Saturday) 5:00AM from Shell Gas Bar- Pembina and Perimeter. Loop routes, time limit 13.5 hours(200km) and 20 hours (300km).

300km- May 30 (Saturday) 5:00AM from 7/11- Henderson Hwy and McIvor, Loop route, time limit 20 hours.

400km- June 13 (Saturday) 4:00AM from Shell Gas Bar- Pembina and Perimeter. Loop route, time limit 27 hours.

600km- July 4 (Saturday) 6:00AM Start location TBA. Loop route, time limit 40 hours.

1000km-August 7 (Friday) 6:00AM Start location TBA. Loop route, time limit 75 hours.

Latke 200km- August 29 (Saturday) 7:00AM from Shell Gas Bar- Pembina Hwy and Perimeter Loop route, time limit 13.5 hours.



Required Equipment- White front light/red rear light for all distances 300km and over. CSA, ANSI or Snell approved helmet. Reflective vest for all distances 400km and over. Carr proper identification at all times. The 400km route travels to the U.S. ID will be required at the border.


Rides are NOT supported therefore be prepared to care for yourself. Vehicles will not be allowed to follow the riders. Outside support may be taken only at the designated control points.


All rides start on time- rain, snow or shine (prepare for the worst, hope for the best). Route cards and maps will be handed out up to 15 minutes prior to start time- please be early. Route cards must be signed at a business establishment the designated control towns. The rides are not races- if you arrive prior to the control open time, you must wait for the time before proceeding. If you arrive after the close time, your ride will not be certified.


The cards will be certified and returned to you at the end of the season. Super Randonneur medals will be awarded to all riders completing the series of 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km rides in the same year.


Contact: Email