Lancaster Ride—June 26????

On the MIT riding schedule, A 160 km “Lancaster” ride is scheduled for 7:00 A.M., June 26.  Does anyone know the details of this ride?  i.e. Where it starts, where it ends, etc.

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6 thoughts on “Lancaster Ride—June 26????

  1. This ride was a “rocketman” suggestion last year. Start at water tower 7 am, travel the 80 km to Lancaster for Breakfast and return. If we leave at 7 am we should be home by 1-2 pm.
    How many riders are interested?

  2. I’m having some trouble with my knee’s (I need to learn to stay off of the ball diamond) but, inshallah, I will be there. I’d get a kick out of using my passport on a club ride.

  3. Perhaps we could consider doing the Lancaster ride on July 3rd so that we could ride with Tim Dellet (per my e-mail)? I think Lancaster would be a more pleasant route that just south on the #12 and, according to Google maps, it would be pretty much the same distance to Minneapolis as going via Roseau, MN. But I don’t know if Tim has a particular purpose in going to Roseau – it’s possible that he does.

  4. I’m OK with whatever Y’all decide. Just make sure the final decision is posted on this website in time, otherwise confusion will result.

  5. No pressure from me on this matter. If we do Lancaster on the 26th, great. I think Tim would not be disappointed even if he has just 1 or 2 others to ride with on Jul 3rd.

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