Kings of the wind?

Phew! Shorty and RJ hammered their way into Wpg yesterday, plowing into a +45 kph  head wind the entire distance.  Ultimately this paid off with a great supper at the Bangkok Thai, where they were joined by their wives.  Then it was off to an evening concert with JD Edwards performing.  Ron & Noreen capped off a great day with ice cream at the BDI.  Ahhh, holidays!  Thanks for a great evening Neil & Rhonda!

We decided that there should be a new jersey invented.  It would be dusty grey and called King of the Wind!

P.S.  Congrats Patrick!! Went to pick-up my bike from your shop today and saw your announcement.  God Bless you and your new family!

3 thoughts on “Kings of the wind?

  1. That was truly a test of our mettle! I can’t imagine how those guys on the tour can ride into the wind for hours like they do and the speeds they travel. But, you’re right, Ron, the meal and concert and the company kept were superb and well worth the effort.

    P.S. Mettle – a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

  2. Alway’s the Teacher, Shorty, you are really starting to test my mettle…
    LOL, did I use it in the right context?

  3. I’m just glad “Kings of the Wind” didn’t mean you guys had eaten too many beans…

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