kings of the wind (almost) ride again

Well today produced another ride and dine Winnipeg experience for Neil, Rhonda, Werner, Karen, Ron and Noreen.  Stats of the ride:

– prevailing wind at 50 plus kmph

– 0 km’s cycled at average speed of 100 kmph

– two pasta’s, one stir fry, one wrap, one bottle wine, 6 coffees and four cheesecakes consumed

– estimated calories burned – 2.50, estimated calories consumed 25,000.50 (the deficiency has been restored)

– 1 broken toe, 1 sore back, 1 sore tail bone and three marriages nurtured and pampered for an evening

– Ron Paley and his ‘big band’ endured for about 40 minutes

2 thoughts on “kings of the wind (almost) ride again

  1. Broken toe??????? Who did that? You guys do have a knack for picking the windiest of days don’t you? But sounds like you had a fantastic time!

  2. Now that’s what I call a ride!!
    Sorry we don’t have any pictures to verify the difficulty, and the intensity of the . . . uh, menu choices, dessert choices, the wine choices, oh, I could go on . . .

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