Justice denied or dem’s da rules?


Can’t help but feel that a circumstance like Jack Bauer’s loss of stage 15 should have some kind of rule that would be more just. Really the peloton should have to be held to more strategic riding than just throttling someone who has worked 30% harder than all of them for 5 hours in the last 8 seconds. The peloton had poor judgment and it should never have been so close. There should be a rule that if you lead the stage for 90% of the distance the peloton cannot defeat with you less than a 100 meter (or whatever is fair) sprint. That would really change the dynamics of the sprint finish…you couldn’t just suck a wheel for 5 hours and then blow by the real winner of the stage. Am I right?

1 thought on “Justice denied or dem’s da rules?

  1. Heh Ron, I would guess that all of the teams would be that much more vigilant in preventing a break from getting the kind of leads they allow them. I could see one reason for them not changing things. The biggest crowds are at the finish line, and the drama for them comes from seeing if the peloton can catch the break before it hits the line. This would be lost if the race could be won before the end of the finish line. It might be interesting to experiment with your idea on a race or two just to see what the impact would be.

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