Just ride da bike

The last number of rides have been fun.  The heat of summer is back the bugs are not as bad as I have remembered them and it just feels great.  Seems the one finger salutes aren’t out in the same numbers as years past. 

On the last leg of the Deacon’s ride July 1st between Mitchell & Steinbach I saw a large bee flying towards me, hit me in the helmet, then start crawling around on my head.  I yelled “STOPPING”, Helmut (thankfully) was able to make a controlled stop.  I flipped off my helmet and out came this large bee, all without being stung.

Couple Sunday’s ago riding to Richer in the early morning we came across a large turtle just past the creek at La Broquerie.  It was looking for a place to lay eggs in the soft shoulder of the road.  Just had to stop and watch in wonder.

Riding the Grunthal loop last month I came across a mother deer and her fawn who were having supper beside the road.  Both looked up when they heard my creaking seat post.  They never moved just stood there and looked at me with those big brown eyes.

We have talked about many things on rides, don’t always remember any thing said, but I always feel like I have been heard.  The laughter because of another shot from a fellow rider.  Or listening to the “huumf” of Neil’s birthday song.

and people wonder why I ride bike?

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Just a middle-aged man whose blood pressure and cholesterol were out of wack and needed a tuneup, bad. Then I rekindled my love for riding a bike -- just the simple act of turning the cranks. What happened next is I met a lot of neat people who are as nuts as I am. Ride on.

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  1. . . . and I thought you’d been stung! I take back all the sympathy I had for you!

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