July 3rd ride – Lancaster/Roseau or Richer – you choose

Hi Roadies,

As per my e-mail, on July 3rd there will be a ride accompanying Tim Dellet to Roseau, MN on his way to Minneapolis for the Habitat 500 ride.  I suggest that we all meet at 8:00 AM at the tower as usual.  Then we can split up into groups for those who are doing the ride with Tim (Jac, Pete, Jim, and Ron are confirmed) and those who want to do the Richer ride (or not, if we all want to just ride part of the way to Roseau/Lancaster).  Not sure what kind of pace Tim will travel at, but I’m sure he’s packing a bit of gear, so please anticipate that this will not be a hammer-fest (do your own ride if that’s what you really want, or at least hold the reins tight until the ride back :)).

3 thoughts on “July 3rd ride – Lancaster/Roseau or Richer – you choose

  1. This is a report on the ride. Ron, Pete and I accompanied Tim down HWY #12 to Piney (85 kms.), shook hands with him and sent him down across the border. We then headed to Vita, along the #201, had a huge feast, then headed back to Steinbach via #302 and #12. Ron and I rode 184 kms, and Pete rode 230+ kms because he came from his home to the water tower. Ron and I gained a new respect for Pete, who does these huge distances all the time. He was familiar with every route we travelled, having rode these roads many times on 200, 400, 600 and sometimes 1000 km. rides.
    The weather was hot and muggy for the whole ride, and the thunder storms only struck after we arrived at Steinbach, so Pete reluctantly accepted a truck ride back home from Steinbach. All in all, a great ride.

  2. Thank Jim, Pete and Tim for a great ride. Suffice it to say that today I am entirely content to play arm-chair cyclist, watching la tour while sipping my morning coffee. I didn’t anticipate how that heat would sap my energy yesterday, it was just will power that took me from Vita to Steinbach.

  3. Thanks to all of you who pedaled with Tim down the road! Back in Colorado, we’re rah-rah-ing him along!

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