Jimmy’s Shuswap Paradisio

Jim & Rita have decided it is time to take the MIT message to the Shuswap.  As missionaries for MIT it is important that they blend into the community they are trying to connect with.  In Jim’s case this would mean retired, semi-retired or nearing retirement MAMILS.  Here are a few pictures of the new MIT Mission/Safe House that Jim and Rita plan to operate out of. This MIT member, recognizing the need to encourage missionaries, will be visiting soon.Optimized-jim1View from Jim and Rita's New Home 

2 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Shuswap Paradisio

  1. Beautiful place. We will miss you Jim. Thanks for all the great rides and comradery. I will especially cherish the memory of rides to Morden with you – good times indeed! Blessings to you and Rita and may you quickly make many new and wonderful friendships. I see that even in and out of the garage is a “climb” in Manitoba terms! I expect the milder temps of BC are going to mean I will see you nearing the very top of Bike Journal annual km’s – maybe you can even challenge some of those Aussies :). God bless.

  2. Thanks, Ron, Indeed, there are many wonderful memories of our Morden rides and other rides. I still chuckle when I remember the pyramid of “hammer gel”, growing on Neil’s chin, as he attempted to stave off his hunger. Good times, indeed!!! I want to invite you and any other MIT’ers, who might be making the trek out to BC, to stop at our place in Salmon Arm, even for a few days——-I can show you some awesome road riding and Mtn. Bike trails. S.A. is on the #1 highway. Also, Rita and I will be back visiting MB., quite frequently, so I’ll be showing up on MIT rides occasionally. MIT is one of those “institutions” that will last for a long time.

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