Jimmy gets revenge? satisfaction?

I read the story on Steinbach online with interest and thought of Jimmy’s story.   It’s still snake oil, doesn’t matter what bottle one puts it in.

Steinbach Individuals Charged In Pyramid Scheme
Thirteen individuals, including several from Steinbach have been charged in connection with what police are calling an illegal Lottery Scheme, also known as a Pyramid Scheme.
Winnipeg Commercial Crime Section began its investigation following complaints against Business In Motion, a Mississauga based corporation. Charges relate to activities in Steinbach between spring 2008 and fall 2009.
All of the accused were to appear in Steinbach court Thursday.

Read the story on Steinbachonline.com

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2 thoughts on “Jimmy gets revenge? satisfaction?

  1. Hey Jac,
    I am experiencing quite a bit of “Schadenfreude” right now. (Look it up, guys—that’s what Google is for). This is especially true because I was threatened by BIM with a libel suit 2 years ago.
    The recent news took me quite by surprise as I cynically thought that this scam would never see the inside of a courtroom. It’s interesting to see that not only Steinbach area people are appearing in the local court, but national players like Allan Kippax. I’m wondering whether this is a prosecution by local law enforcement or a national effort? Remember also that these people are only charged. Whether or not they’ll ever be convicted is questionable.
    BTW, Marilyn Maki, of CBC Radio Noon, interviewed me today about this issue. She had interviewed me 2 years ago when I first wrote the letters to the Carillon about the scam.

    On another matter: Ron, you’re right, we should liven up this website, however, I do appreciate all your posts.

  2. Sweet vindication for your efforts Jim! There’s also some very interesting voice messages and a Marketplace video on Steinbach On-line regarding this. As bad as the motivations of the leaders of this are, possibly an even darker side is the ever ready crop of greedy and gullible members of the general public.

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