Jim and Levi

While Jim Nadler may not be one of the original founders of MIT, he has earned the status of MIT Grandfather as a result of his age and mileage accumulation. The way I see it, Jim accumulates the same mileage in one year as most of us do in 3-5; this sort of wear and tear on the body has got to age him and since age can be considered as a combination of chronology, experience and wear and tear on the body, Jim should definitely qualify as the Grand Daddy. In the biological sense, Jim is also a Grandfather. While he is proud of all of his grandchildren it appears that there is one who has inherited Jim’s intense focus on training and competition. In the first Noram ski competition held in Thunderbay, Jim’s grandson Levi place 3rd in a classic race and first in the skate in the Juvenile class. If that is not impressive enough, he competes in a class up from his age group. http://skinoram2013.com/results.html Perhaps someday we will see a Nadlersmith competing for Olympic gold and be able to brag that we rode with the Grand-dad.

4 thoughts on “Jim and Levi

  1. Levi’s discipline and focus is way beyond what you would expect from a 14 year old. I really think you are right, Merle, that we may be seeing him compete at the Olympic level in a few years.

  2. I noticed, Jim, that Levi had an amazing result at one of the first Wednesday night races at Windsor Nordic. He even beat Tim Wintoniw! That’s amazing, because Tim is a very strong masters level skier.

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