It’s not about the bike, it’s about the info!

Well, despite being a no show this summer at MIT rides (I have been spending my time training for next year’s Manitoba Marathon) I have been out riding the roads of SE Manitoba like most of you. But I want to know what routes you link together to make for those special, epic or non-epic, rides on two wheels.

I am sure that most of you have come across this website in the last week’s RoadBikeRiders newsletter but I thought I would mention it here so that we can all enjoy its knowledge sharing abilities.

The website is: and it allows riders to share route information with other roadies, mountain bikers, runners, etc. through Google Maps.

I have uploaded the Woodridge route as my example:

So now it is your turn, what routes are you interested in sharing with others. Have you found a stretch of pavement that gives you unwarranted freedom or scenic vistas? Why don’t you share it with other MITers?

3 thoughts on “It’s not about the bike, it’s about the info!

  1. Who is “rumpus”? My fave is the RMNP “Wasagamming to Moon Lake” trek. Challenging rolling hills and wonderful scenery capping off with a great sitdown spot at the lakes edge for that needed energy bar for the return leg. FYI to those that don’t know R-Man = Hans Epp

  2. That’s a great one Hans, love that ride to Moon Lake. This question makes me realize how little “adventure” I’ve had with my cycling so far. Other than Moon Lake, I have nothing to contribute that the rest of you haven’t already ridden with me a 100 times or more. Next year we must make it a priority to take some road trips and build some memories!

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