It just never gets old

Heading into season eight and the rides are still going strong! 14 riders today, great weather, lots of positive chatter, strong pulling made the serious headwind a much lessor force than nature would have it to be, the Cat Sass served up a tasty breakfast (or hefty lunch in Chris’s case – was it imminent prenatal anxiety or real hunger? – in any case he inhaled one humungous burger and fries). The ride started with media interviews and a photo shoot with a Steinbach Online reporter. A gorgeous red fox running in the ditch beside the peloton, a flat for Duester, and a hot new Wilier ridden by Shorty (who knew the Springhill Hutterite Colony was blowing out new high end road bikes purchased at a fire sale? Evidently he did!). This prompted a discussion on whether the venerable brand is Italian or Basque? A search of the inter-web suggests its an Italian brand, founded in 1906, and the name is an acronym of “W l’Italia liberata e redenta”, which translates “long live Italy, liberated and redeemed”. Too cool, now I want a Wilier (in spite of the fact that the MIT standard for Italian stallions is COLNAGO…although we have allowed the odd Bianchi in the pack as long as they keep a respectable distance). On the way home a robust round of happy birthday for MARK, topped off the day. Best wishes to Chris and family – it could be a laborious weekend!

2 thoughts on “It just never gets old

  1. All’s quiet on the baby front. phew. Guess it’s just a matter of days…

    The burger? It was delicious. Breakfast is sooooo 7:30am.

    Just wanted to follow up a conversation we had at our end of the lunch table regarding some world class mtb. trails being built at Riding Mountain. Just look up Manitoba Escarpment Trails on Facebook for info., pics and vid. Here’s a writeup I posted on the RRR blog….

  2. Yikes! To a mtb rookie like me, that trail looks great but deadly (based on the video on the FB page). I could just picture myself losing control and falling down the escarpment. Maybe it’s the camera angle and it appears more treacherous than it is. I wonder if the MCC fundraising ride “Cycle Clear Lake” (July 7) will use any portion of this new trail?

    Hang in there Chris. I suggest one of those burgers & fries for each day till the baby comes. You might have to add one for Mom too 🙂 .

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