inagural roller ride

So I made the leap.  I picked up a pair of used rollers (Tri-MB website) last night and just finished the first ride.  It’s great!  Mag trainer days are definitely over.  Now if I could just get my front wheel un-embedded from my office wall…

3 thoughts on “inagural roller ride

  1. Welcome to the Roller Club RJ. It is a defining moment, now we need you riding those rollers on a (WNBR) Wednesday Night Barn Ride sometime in the next few weeks, I think next ride is Feb 6th .
    Last Wednesday night I came off the rollers, hit Shorty who managed to stay on his rollers and R-Man was watching and wobbled. All the while I managed to stay on my bike, but not the rollers.
    Wonder what would happen if everyone who had rollers came for a ride…need to remember to bring my helment!

  2. Way to go, RJ!
    I love mine. I don’t think I’ll go back to a trainer.
    Now if we could all learn to ride like Paul! But, then what would he have to brag about and take videos of?

  3. We’ll have to start calling ourselves the “MIT Rollers”! For the record, it’s still good to throw in a good “hard” mag trainer session in each week to keep the muscles working. Let’s not let all the mag trainers out there go dry up and whither away. Remember, “resistance is not futile” (a take on a Star Trek quote re the BORG) when it comes to prepping for those head winds we so often have here is SE Manitoba. All things aside, I really like the option to switch as to keep it “fresh” during the long winter training time. Jac is right, the next barn session is on the 6th. Just “roll on down”.

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