I feel sad!

The headlines on Steinbach online this morning.

Cyclist Killed In Steinbach-Update
Written by Shannon Dueck   
Thursday, 26 May 2011 16:57
2011_05_deadThere was a fatal collision in Steinbach Thursday afternoon.
It happened at the intersection of Highway #12 and #52 shortly after 2:30pm. RCMP Staff Sergeant Davy Lee says a semi truck hauling hogs was making a right hand turn onto Highway #52 when it struck a cyclist crossing that highway.

Staff Sergeant Lee says an 18 year-old woman died at the scene. She is from the Steinbach area but her name has not been released. The driver of the semi, a man from Mitchell, was not hurt.
Contrary to rumours, Staff Sergeant Lee says there is nothing to indicate the semi driver was making an illegal turn, or that he attempted to flee the scene.

Lots of questions need to be asked and answered.  I feel for the family and friends.  It does indicate that we are not a cycling friendly city yet, but need to keep working at making Steinbach one.

Be careful out there!

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4 thoughts on “I feel sad!

  1. Tragic indeed. The cyclist’s name was just made public on steinbachonline.com.
    RCMP have released the name of a young woman who died in a collision Thursday in Steinbach. Dead is 18 year-old Olivia Nesom of Steinbach.

    Police say the bicycle she was riding collided with a semi at the corner of Highways #12 and #52 around 2:30 p-m. Nesom was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Staff Sergeant Davy Lee says it could take up to two months for the investigation to be completed as they wait for such things as the Traffic Collision Analysis report.

  2. And to think of how many times we’ve been at the same corner! Hard to wrap your head around. Tragic – heartbreaking for her family.

  3. So sad indeed. The so called “right hook” has been the cause of many cycling fatalities. Awareness of the risk is a key cycling safety practice (on the part of motorists and cyclists alike).

  4. Yes, it is sad…I always, always watch what the vehicles passing me are planning to do – i.e. turn right immediately after passing me, put on their brakes, turn left in front of me at an intersection, etc.
    As I rode down St. Mary’s Road in Winnipeg one day last summer commuting to work from Fort Garry campus, a semi-trailer passed me on the right and I saw his signal on (good thing he used it!) to turn right and had I not slowed right down (almost to a complete stop – was going along at 30 KM/hr prior to that), the same fate could have met me as he turned right on Tache Ave.
    To echo what Ron has said, Cyclists and drivers alike need more education and awareness.

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