Hwy 12’s Getting Paved Shoulders?


edited road by stanne

Here’s what it could look like in the near future around Steinbach. 15 feet of asphalty goodness  will transform Hwy 12 from a very dangerous, poor pavement ride into a route that opens up some great loop options. Ghost trucks, however, could still pose a hazard…

When construction began this past summer on improvements to Hwy. 12 north of Steinbach, I had high hopes that the road renewal would include paved shoulders. It looks to me, judging by this photo I took about a month ago, that it will. My understanding is that they’ll eventually repave it all the way to Steinbach. Nice. Road riding around here is looking up. Now if only we could get paved shoulders to La Broquerie.

2 thoughts on “Hwy 12’s Getting Paved Shoulders?

  1. Wow, the H12 shoulder, the new Fahrradbahn. I see you were able to get the sneek shot of my new 918 Porsche Spyder. I sold the bikes and bought the Porsche before I realized that H12 was going to get paved shoulders. Anyone want to buy a used Porsche because I am really pumped about the new pavement and looking forward to getting back into riding. Imagine the thrill of the long sweeping turn into St. Anne or that tighter curve coming out of Blumenort? This will definitely put the passion back into the southern Manitoba riding scene.

  2. Yes, the corners will be a thrill. haha! Ok, so maybe it won’t be that amazing. But it does open up a few options.

    So that was you in the porshe? I thought you were the guy in blue…

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