4 thoughts on “how i feel about spinning on the trainer

  1. Not exactly what I was thinking. However, not that I speak from experience, but a little wacky tubacky might help with the tedium of spinning?

  2. It looks like the Aarenberg Forest (Paris-Roubaix). Jim, if you want to simulate the cobbles on your trainer I have a great wheel and tire combo. I have a Mavic Cosmic with a nasty hop in it. That together with a Schwalbe tubular that never did run smooth should almost simulate the cobbles. I’ll tweak the wheel to see if I can’t get a little more bump out of it. I’ll even lend out my mid-1980’s NBC recording of the 7-Eleven assault on the famed cobbles and you can ride together with Steve Bauer and Greg Lemond as they take on Francesco Moser and Sean Kelly. Add a little of Ron’s weed (a performance enhancer only if you are a snowboarder) and Paris-Roubaix can come to your own home. You can even throw in a little glass chewing to get that gritty feel of Belgian dirt on a wet spring day.

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