Headwaters ride, A great experince…Again

It was a smaller group that rode the Headwaters 100 on a chilly plus 1 degree C September morning.  At the start point at Century School we had 5 MIT riders with John riding the 41 mile loop and Jim, Alex, Rob and Jac riding the 100 mile loop.

We rode with John till Fisheye Lake where John turned east and we continued west.  About 2 miles before we separated a rather loud group of 10 riders (with a team support car) passed us.  As usual Jim was anxious to chase and pass the group, but with all due respect to John we were able to hold Jim back.  When we did separate we gave Jim the lead, the speed picked up and it wasn’t long we had the group in our sights.  At that point the team support car passed the group and stopped at the top of the next hill to take pictures.  In true MIT fashion the pictures where of MIT passing and beating them to the top of the hill.

As with every MIT ride the Headwaters picture was taken by a local tourist who was overwhelmed by all the bike riders showing up.  We were thankful that no motorcycle riders where out this year looking for Rob.

It was a great ride through the park with only Jac as a causality with undisclosed “upper body” illness showing up forcing a shorter 75 mile ride.

The scenery was outstanding as usual, while the colour was great the locals claimed that due to the dry conditions the colours were not as vibrant as pervious years.

Many roads and especially those in the park had new pavement and made for great riding.  The rest stops had the usual great food and did offer some entertainment even though the weather was a bit on the cool side.

The ride had approximately 650 riders with 10% coming from Manitoba.  We met RJ’s older sister who had been out to ride and others from the Oakbank area.  As always it was the beers and visiting that took place that made the weekend.  It was a good day for a bike ride.  Except this is how my day turned out.

Like they say, “My worst bike ride is still better than my best day at work!”


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3 thoughts on “Headwaters ride, A great experince…Again

  1. Great post, Jac. However, I can’t imagine that the Autumn colors could be more vibrant than they were. Rita and I camped two nights in Itasca State Park, touring the bike trails and hiking, and we were overwhelmed by the colorful beauty including all the bright red maple leaves.

  2. Thanks for the report Jac. I was looking forward to reading about Headwaters since I could not make it this year. Yvonne and I are going to Ottertail County to ride on Friday and Saturday, and the weather is supposed to be fantastic with sun, sun and more sun. It is our 20th anniversay ‘get away’, but if we should happen to see any Mennos in Tights on the roads around Fergus Falls, we would be happy to have company on the road.


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