HEADWATERS 100 RIDE—Sat., Sept. 25, Park Rapids, MN

Last september, a large group of cyclists from Steinbach and area participated in a 100 mile or a 75 mile ride which took place in Park Rapids, Minnesota (About 4-5 hours south of here). There is also a 45 mile ride. It was called the “Headwaters 100 Bike Ride”, about which you can get more information including registration forms at www.itascatur.org.

We had a great ride through beautiful rolling countryside and were well taken care of by provision of refreshment stops, sag support and even a hot meal in the middle of the ride. On the Fri. night before the ride, there was a spagetti dinner. Some of us stayed on for another restaurant meal together on Sat. night. A good time was had by all.

Several of us are going to return to the event this year—Sat., Sept 25th. Last year we all stayed at the C’Mon Inn in Park Rapids and were quite satisfied with the accommodations (swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, etc.). I contacted this motel today, and found they have rooms left for Friday and Saturday night—mostly with one king-size bed. (price $110 per night). They also have suites available with roll out beds (in case several guys want to share a room) for $138.00. I must wait til Monday to negotiate a cheaper group rate( if possible) with the manager. I’ll post a comment to this once I have more info.

At any rate, I thought I’d put the information out so carpooling etc. could be arranged perhaps through this website. So if you want to carpool, post your comments here. Last year some of us left for home on sat. and some of us stayed til sunday, so all that should be considered.

The cost of registration for the ride is $30 USD if postmarked before Sept. 1, although I believe you can register online. Price goes up to $40 USD if you register on site. Nice long sleeved T-Shirts are given out to all registrants at the finish of the ride.

If I’ve forgotten anything, please post a comment. I’m really looking forward to this event.

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9 thoughts on “HEADWATERS 100 RIDE—Sat., Sept. 25, Park Rapids, MN

  1. Hey there!
    Thanks Jim for looking into this and making enquiries regarding getting a group rate at the hotel. I’ll check back on the website here this week to see what you found out today.
    I registered for it yesterday, 100 miles…better bring the Advil!!! 🙂 I’m so looking forward to going this year as I missed it last time and regretted it.
    As far as carpooling, if all goes as planned, I’ll have a trailer hitch installed on my truck this week enabling me to use my two bike capacity hitch rack (NOT a top tube holding rack so it’s safe for carbon fiber bikes) and another bike or two could go into the bed of the truck. Then, I can take one other passenger and some gear.
    I have a medical appointment on the Friday afternoon the day before so I can’t leave until probably 4:00 PM that day, however.


  2. Good news. I spoke with Jackie, the hotel manager and she agreed to a 15% discount, which brings the price of a room with a king bed down to $93.49 per night. Hans, she also reduced your room rate by 15%, as you had reserved several weeks ago. So, when making reservations, tell them that you are with the “Mennonites In Tights” Cycling Club from Steinbach, Manitoba and you will get the lower rate. She reserved a block of about 8 rooms. You can reserve for one night or two, whatever you wish.
    BTW, the phone number for C’Mon Inn is 1-218-732-1471. The toll free number is 1-800-258-6891, but I’ve always got a busy signal with it.

  3. Hey there,
    I’ve booked my room (booked for both Sept 24 and 25 in hopes others might be staying the Saturday night.)
    Has anyone had further conversations about car pooling, bike transport, etc.?

  4. I’ve booked my room for Friday and Saturday night. I’ll be driving, and would like to carpool.

  5. Andy (my son ) and I are also booked for Friday and Saturday night. We’ll be taking my small truck plus our bikes and gear. Val and Rob, so far I’ve heard nothing further about car pooling, however the following have indicated they are going: Hans, Jac, Curt, Mark, and Alex. Werner also indicated that he and his wife might be going. I haven’t heard from Merle, but I expect he’ll be wanting to go. On the rides this long weekend, I’ll try to find out if anyone is interested in carpooling. Val, I understand you have room for one( plus extra gear) and Rob, you probably have room for one or two.

  6. I’m happy to drive – can’t leave until about 4:00 PM on Friday due to an appointment, however.
    I have room for one passenger, gear for two people and three bikes (have a bike rack that will hold two and then one can go in the back of the truck.)
    I hope to be on at least one of the rides this weekend too so hopefully can catch up on things then as well.

  7. Two excellent rides (Saturday and today) and all the excited chatter about Headwaters, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I registered this afternoon. I have Friday the 24th as a vacation day, so I plan to head out earlier in the day (around 10 or 11 am). I need to be home by 2PM on Sunday. I could take one other rider and their gear (Honda Civic) and two others that wouldn’t be riding (have a rack for 2 bikes – top tube mounting).
    I will bring along my laptop and a projector and we could enjoy a pre-ride screening of the cycling films “The Flying Scotsman” and/or “American Flyers” in my room on Friday night, or maybe in the conference room of the hotel, if they let us. Or not at all, if no one is in the mood.

  8. Sounds like a good plan, Ron, for either Friday night or Saturday night, keeping in mind we’ll probably need a couple of hour’s sleep for the hundred mile ride. On Monday’s ride ,Ron and I were talking about all of us doing a restaurant meal on the Friday evening rather than doing the spagetti meal at the school. I think that this is a good idea because, frankly, the spagetti meal at the school was not that great. We’d probably wait til about 8:30 P.M. to give everyone a chance to arrive ,then go and eat. For those that arrive later, we’ll leave information at the hotel desk, as to where we went. There are several good places to eat in Park Rapids.

  9. Or, better yet, order Pizza, to be delivered to the hotel, then watch Ron’s movies. (Sorry for all these comments and posts but once again I’m getting as excited as a one-legged contestant at an ass-kicking.)

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