Headwaters 100–Preliminary Weather Forecast

I checked the Accu-weather long range weather forecast  for Sat. , Sept.26, for Park Rapids MN and it’s looking good so far.  HIGH 66 degrees fahrenheit, mostly sunny with the possibility of a passing  shower in the afternoon.  I know it’s a bit early for an accurate forecast.  I’ll update the forecast via the comment space, as we get closer to the day.  (I know you can check the weather yourself online, but I’m so excited, I can’t contain myself.)

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9 thoughts on “Headwaters 100–Preliminary Weather Forecast

  1. Who’s there Friday night? Who’s attending the Friday night spaghetti supper? Anyone up for cards, libations (ritual offerings for a safe journey on Saturday), and general shooting-of-the-breeze at the Janzen room or lobby of the C’Mon Inn later?
    I patched my tire blowout (Saturdays Richer ride) with a handy “tire boot” kit from Pat at Body Driven Sports. After 12 hours hanging on the garage hook at 120 psi there’s a nice little pimple on the tire but it seems to have stabilized. Should I chance it for a 160K or should I buy a new tire this week?

  2. Ron, I’m putting new tires on my bike this week and am carrying my old tires as spares (Michelin–Pro Race 3–700X23). I have found them to be excellent tires and they are still in not bad shape after 6000+ kms, so if you have a blowout, we’ll be able to replace your tire, no problem, free of charge. So take a chance with your repaired tire.

  3. Jim, I expect your going to have two saddle bags full of gear as well as a huge suitcase on wheels that your going to drag behind your bike as well.
    Ron, if your tire has a bubble on the side of it, yes, I would probably spend $50 and get a new one. Better than having a blow out on the road.

    Ron in answer to your question about the supper, I am planning on being there before supper, there is a sporting goods store in Fargo that is having a sale this week, so I am going to leave in the morning and spend some money.

  4. Yeah ,we’re going to be there for the supper on Fri. night, too and will see you after for the get-together. Can’t wait. I’m so excited, I’m jumping around like a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest ( as my Tennessee cousin would say.)

  5. I expect to be in Park Rapids Friday and I signed up for the spaghetti supper. Helmut is planning to come along and ride the 100 mile with me, that is, if he’s not sick or hasn’t fallen and broken something recently! So, see y’all there.

  6. Ron, I have a pair of used red tires that you’re welcome to. They’re 700 x 23, kevlar bead (folding). There are no cuts, no flats, about 2,500 kms of wear. They were the original tires on my Marinoni, “Cadence” brand, made in Taiwan.

    SEPT. 26
    High: 71°F RealFeel®: 67°F
    Mostly cloudy with a shower possible.
    Winds: SW at 11mph
    Wind Gusts: 20 mph
    Max UV Index: Low (2)
    Thunderstorm Probability: 15%
    Amount of Precipitation: 0.00in
    Amount of Rain: 0.00in
    Amount of Snow: 0.0in
    Hours of Precipitation: 0 Hrs
    Hours of Rain: 0 Hrs
    Hours of Daylight: 12 Hrs

  8. What time does the sun come up down there?
    Could you convert the temp to english for this young guy?
    Have you mounted your wagon hitch to the back of your bike yet?

  9. Paul : 71 degrees F = 21.7 degrees C. Formula –> C = 5/9 (F-32).

    or in plain English—subtract 32 from fahrenheit temp., then take approx. half the result.
    Looks like they’re giving us food along the way, so I’m travelling really light if you don’t count the TV mounted on my handlebars—–don’t wanna miss my shows.

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