Headwaters 100, Park Rapids, MN—Weather Forecast.

Although it is quite preliminary, the extended weather forecast for Park Rapids,MN for Sat., Sept. 25 looks good. The high is supposed to be 65 egrees fahrenheit (18 degrees C), mostly cloudy. There are a couple of showers possible, however negligible precipitation is expected. The winds will be from the NW at 14 mph (23 kph) gusting to 25 mph (40 kph). This is actually good news as our first part of the century will be heading in a NW direction so we’ll get tailwinds for the second part. Winds are not as big a factor there because of a lot of forest and bush protection. The last 20 km or so which heads straight west is totally protected from the wind—-an old railway bed that was paved and is surrounded by a canopy of trees.

So , at this point in time, the weather is looking good.

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