Headwaters 100 – Park Rapids, MN Sep 26th

Hey Guys/roadies

See Chris Duester’s post in the “US 2 – A Roadies Dream” post below this. The easy thing to do, if we really want to organize an MIT ride in this area, would be for a group of us to register for the Headwaters 100 on Sept 26th in Park Rapids, MN. Info as follows:

This includes a 45, 75 & 100 mile ride. The longer rides go through Itasca State Park and the 45 mi ride also goes North of Park Rapids. Food & beverage stops will be located along the course, as well as restrooms or port-a-potties. A spaghetti dinner will be held the night before, and there will be a dance at the American Legion Saturday night.

Website for brochure and registration form: http://www.itascatur.org/bike.html

11 thoughts on “Headwaters 100 – Park Rapids, MN Sep 26th

  1. Rita and I are seriously considering doing the HEADWATERS 100 bike ride. She’ll do the 45 mile ride at a leisurely pace and I’ll do the 100 mile. We’re tentatively planning to leave Friday (25th) morning, stay in the Super 8 at Park Rapids, and return Sunday afternoon. From all descriptions, it sounds like a great area and a great route for the bike ride. We’re going to buy a couple of “Canada” jerseys. Anyone else interested????

  2. I might potentially be interested, yeah. Others?
    I’d be in for the 100 mile as well (although not at Jim’s breakneck speed…) 🙂

  3. Hi Guys,

    Noreen and I are also in. Noreen won’t be riding but she’ll provide moral support and party energy! 100 mile or bust! We would likely only arrive in time for the spaghetti supper on Friday night and then stay over until Sunday afternoon.

  4. Jim, I looked over the websites of the various hotels. I think the C’mon Inn might be the better option. Not that we all need to stay at the same place, but it might be fun.

  5. Sounds good to me. Rita is having second thoughts about riding the 45 miles (after we converted it into metric = 72 kms), so she might be helping Noreen to provide moral support. We’ll bring her bike anyways in case she wants to ride just for fun.

  6. Sorry for all the “posting”, but I thought I’d call C’mon Inn and see if they would give us a group rate. They dropped their price from $119.99 to $99.99. Just mention that you’re with the Cycling Club from Steinbach, give them my name, and tell them I was quoted that group rate (they said they only had rooms with two Queen beds left…).

  7. So, sounds like this is really a go then. Great!
    Can I snag a ride with someone if I do go for sure?
    Maybe we can send some e-mails and work out details???

  8. Count me in as well. Yvonne can’t ride as she has to teach prenatal, so it will be just me. Yvonne is considering quitting her job so that she can come. Anyone looking to share the cost of a room?

  9. I’d like to ride the 100 mile. Count me in. I’d be game to head down on Friday, Sept. 25th.

  10. The participation is looking good. Following today’s ride to Woodridge, this is the roster of potential attendees (not all confirmed, but all considering it):
    Jim (& Rita), Jac (& Audrey), Ron (& Noreen), Val, Neil, Curt, Merle, Paul, Hans
    The question is, will founding MIT members Rudy & Sue make an appearance? Come on guys, you know you want too – this is going to be a great time!

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