Headwaters 100–Park Rapids, Minnesota

This is an early invitation for local riders to join some of us in a 100 mile ride in Park Rapids, MN on Saturday, Sept. 24,2011. For more detailed information on this event go to the website www.itascatur.org. This has become an annual tradition for MIT riders with at least a dozen of us going each year, counting spouses. Rob (a.k.a. “sprocketman” ) has checked for the usual hotel reservations at C’Mon Inn and they are booked up, so he is making further inquiries at other Park Rapids hotels. He also has room for a couple of passengers plus bikes. My wife and I will be staying in our camper van this time so wil not be staying in the hotel. It might be a good idea to use the comment section of this post to indicate whether you’re going and whether you need a ride, and then a block of rooms can be reserved at one of the hotels (Super 8 or AmericInn).

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6 thoughts on “Headwaters 100–Park Rapids, Minnesota

  1. Sue Nikkel was able to book a couple of rooms even though the C’mon Inn website said they were full. So, try calling direct (800-258-6891). It would be more fun to all be in the same hotel. Besides, it might get a bit crowded in Jim’s camper 🙂 .

  2. I just tried and no go. Put myself on a waiting list though. Was Rudy and Sue using the rooms booked or was one available? I’m planning to stay over till Sunday. Hans. aka Rman
    AmericInn does have rooms available. 94.99 Aaa rate. I have booked a room with 2 beds for fri to sun. Can always cancel if something opens up at c’mon inn. Cmon inn rate was $119.99.

  3. I booked at C’mon Inn a couple weeks or so ago. I am going as are a couple friends of mine from Otterburne (Nelleke Vandervliet and Hans Gorter); they are doing the 75 mile ride. They are also at the C’mon Inn.
    I may be car pooling with them. But if not, I can offer a ride for one person and room for 3 bikes if I take my truck (one in the box and two on the hitch rack which is not a top tube clamp for those who don’t like that arrangement.).


  4. Helmut and I are booked at the AmericInn. We are there for Friday and Saturday nights.

  5. Just booked at American Inn. Still had rooms available. Audrey & myself will be traveling Friday back Sunday.

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