Headwaters 100 ( & 75 & 45 & 20)

No matter what the distance, a great time was had by all at the Headwaters 100, Park Rapids, MN! Thanks gang for wrapping up the summer with a silk bow. That was one great weekend of friendship, riding, and mother nature at her finest. This picture was the last sighting of Merle, Alvin, and Jim before they nearly lapped us 5 quick hours and 162K later. We are all booked for next year! A few more pictures here (sorry if quality lacks – taken with my BB).

Pictured (L-R): Alvin, Paul, Rob, Jac, Mark, Nelleke, Hans G., Hans E., Merle, Val, Margaret, Neil, Sue, Rudy, Ron, Jim.
Missing: Werner, Karen, Alex, Rita, Rhonda, Noreen

6 thoughts on “Headwaters 100 ( & 75 & 45 & 20)

  1. Me too! Mom proved to me she’s ready for 100 miles…now, to just convince HER about that…
    Hans and Nelleke too I’m sure. :0
    Thanks for a great weekend everyone!

  2. Thanks for letting me ride with the group this year! What a glorious day! The loop through the park was fabulous!

  3. A correction to Werner’s correction: It should read “one” correction. But, it’s really two corrections, “75” and “45”. Sorry, Werner—couldn’t resist.
    Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend—-beautiful weather, scenery, etc.. Thanks for the memories.

  4. The “20” is acknowledgement of Rita and Noreen, who did their own ride (some of us husbands are mindful of these things, you know, …Jim:) . I don’t know if anyone in our group did the 45 mile? On the other hand, I guess you could say we all did.

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