at crack of dawn

there rode a peloton

of eight intrepid riders


from 52 to 206

and on to places wider


until at last it came to pass

and harbourview was immanent


with great relief did Patrick seek

a phone call of lament


and Paul did whine and Paul did cry

but it was all in vain


for Ron was strong and did prevail

even longer than the train


but Vals the one

whom this ride rules


for she did prove

that all it takes


is one strong woman to dominate

all these biking fools

2 thoughts on “harbourview

  1. Can you possibly imagine how utterly and completly dry and boring that ride would have been if not for my sarcastic foul mouthed wit? I can’t imagine…

  2. Any ride with you guys is always fun – sorry for almost taking you out when I ran over that old wiper blade on the Perimeter and shooting it at you, Patrick! HOpe your leg is feeling better.
    And there’s no way I would have felt that strong at the end if you guys hadn’t pulled me along most of the way. I guess knowing I had an emergency to get to helped spur me on!

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