4 thoughts on “go jim!

  1. Thanks, Ron. I’m kind of surprised that there are only about 20 entries so far for this winter bike race, but then again maybe not. Do you know if Robert is still interested ?

  2. yeah, i’m also kinda surprised there are only 20 entries! you’d think cycling and hauling your bike through snow drifts in -25 degree weather for longer than there are daylight hours in a day would appeal to at least 25 ‘crazies’! good luck, jim. don’t forget to plug in your block heater the night before.

  3. Jim, a comment I saw on Facebook:

    Learned something New Today!!
    If you have a Salsa 170mm hub you should change the freehub grease to Mag-1 cold Weather Lubricate. Lots of people had some Slipping issues at -20 today at the Snowbike Race today!!

  4. I think my grease is OK, Ron. I’ve been riding it at -25 (-36 windchill) and it has worked perfectly, including perfectly crisp and smooth gear changes.

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