Glen versus the deer

I had to post this because it was just too funny…although I don’t think Glen may have thought so at the time.  It came up via some e-mail correspondence between he and I talking about maybe commuting into work next week.

Oh, under the category of “Glen needs one more reason to despise WTD (white tailed deer)”:  early morning ride, 2 km out of Mitchell, admittedly a little too focused on the white line.  Doe comes barreling out of the bush, doesn’t see me til she hits the pavement.  I hear her feet hit the pavement, look up, and sprint for the gravel while freaking out.  She manages to balk at the yellow line and takes off behind me.  My front tire hits the edge of the pavement and blows.  Ruined both the tube and tire.  I don’t know which headline would have fit: “cyclist hits deer” or “deer hits cyclist”. Mother nature’s revenge….

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6 thoughts on “Glen versus the deer

  1. This guy has the WORST luck!!
    Should have hit the deer, maybe you could have gone through MPIC for a new ride!!

  2. You should have just kept going, since it was the female of the species, you just knew she was gonna change her mind before she crossed that road!

  3. On the glass half full side, I guess I am lucky I didn’t actually hit her (or she, me)…think that would have hurt as she looked like a good 200 kgs. Here’s some trivia I looked up after the fact: 6500 – 8000 WTD/motor vehcile accidents in Manitoba every year, over 300 within the city of Winnipeg, MPI pays out 27 million every year for WTD/Vehicle sccidents and Steinbach is in the top 15 (61 accidents per year) for frequent accident sites. This doesn’t include crop damage and did I mention that they carry the deer tick which is the vector for lyme disease? I don’t know about safety tips, but I might take up hunting….

  4. If you do go hunting, will you invite all the MIT’ers over for a little venison bbq? I’m in!!!

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