GC (Gold Canyon) Challenge

About a year ago,  Noreen and I visited Rudy & Sue vacationing in Gold Canyon, Arizona.  We stayed with them for a few days and had a great time relaxing and doing a bit of hiking, touring, cycling, and lots of visiting.  One morning I borrowed one of their bikes and Rudy took me on his routine ride through the area.  Part of the ride includes a fairly steep climb.  On the way down I decided to see how much I could clock that hybrid street bike at.  Rudy was a bit shocked when I told him I thought I’d hit 63 kph, but there it was on the OD.  Well, this winter Rudy is back out there and check out this photo he recently sent me.  I think I have to get back to Arizona, with my Colnago this time – the GC Challenge is on (although, Rudy is quite the computer hack…maybe I should insist on a pacer timed result :)) .