From the archives…cycling ingenuity in Altona

My 98 year old grandmother, living in Altona, is moving to the PCH.  Today she gave me an envelope of old newspapers and newsletters that she’d saved over the years.  Some of you old roadies will remember the huge snow storm of March, 1966.  I was seven years old and I followed my big sister out of the house to stare at the humongous snow drift leading up and away from our driveway into what seemed at the time, a mountain no smaller than Everest itself.  We immediately began to clamber, push, pull, and crawl our way to the top.  When we finally stopped, we realized we were on the roof of the garage and looking at similar scenes up and down Ross Avenue (we lived right beside what is now Rossbrook House in Winnipeg).  All of that came flooding back to me as I read this article from The Red River Valley ECHO describing the ingenuity of some Altona kids as they kept their furnace running through the power failure just with a little flip of the bicycle.