From Hick to Schlick at Mount-Tremblant

Yvonne and I drove up from Kemptville (south of Ottawa) to Mount-Tremblant.  We have been using the GPS the young ones gifted to me for Christmas.  Instead of having us cross over the Ottawa R. at Hull it had us taking some tiny ferry further down river.  This was an interesting and pleasant bonus to the drive.  The GPS proved itself to be as bad at finding the correct roads in Quebec as I am at speaking French.  Sometimes a good old paper map really is better.  We settled into our new dig, the Fairmont Resort in Mount-Tremblant. This is a serious upgrade from the Hickory Hill Motel in Wisconsin and the borrowed tent trailer we used in Kemptville.  Of course, as a good Menno this sort of lavish luxury would be a sin unless someone else was paying for it or, as in our case, it was paid for with a wack of air miles.  The down side of all this “free luxury” is that there really is nothing for free.  The valets and bell hops all want their slice of your wallet and the 750 ml bottle of Evian water costs $8.00.  Don’t touch the mini-bar; the cokes are $5 bucks a pop and the beers are the same as the Evian.  Even the wi-fi is 19 bucks a day unless you sign up to be a Fairmont Friend.  This is free, though I expect a load of promotional emails to clog my in-box  as a result. As a good Menno I always travel with my electric cooler so that I can bring in my own discounted food and beverages.

800px-Mont-TremblantAfter a really nice 50 km ride we decided to check out the upper village of Mont-Tremblant where we are staying.  Life is full of coincidences, so who should we meet but Justin and Jane Enns on their way home from the MTB World Cup in Mount Ste. Anne.  This couple are as tough as nails.  Not only are they two wheeling it on the dirt, they are also camping.  Just to show them that a friend from Steinbach is still a friend away, we will hang with them at our three hot tub and pool terrace spa tomorrow after our respective rides..  We checked, they can join us for free.  Check out the photos of our ride today; the Riviere at Brebeuf and the Pont Prudhomme at …. somewhere on our ride.

brebeuf fallspont prudhomme