Food and stories

Looking forward to the Potluck on Saturday.  Thanks to Jim and Rita for putting it on. 

Pete has promised to bring our Latke 200 medals if he can make it.  I hope the weather turns for the better at least closer to cycling weather. 

You know that good ol roller derby has been fairly close, it’s great when people go on holidays and don’t ride.  It means that I have an oppourtunity to catchup some km’s.

come ‘on warm weather where are you?

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Just a middle-aged man whose blood pressure and cholesterol were out of wack and needed a tuneup, bad. Then I rekindled my love for riding a bike -- just the simple act of turning the cranks. What happened next is I met a lot of neat people who are as nuts as I am. Ride on.

4 thoughts on “Food and stories

  1. I had dreams of running another half-marathon this June and so I started my training while on vacation. The dream was quickly shattered as I could hardly even walk after the first three runs. It took the rest of my vacation plus another week to recover. Looks like it’s rollers, trainers and road bikes only for this old man. It really sucks to feel my body giving out before I’m even 50!

  2. Ahh, Ron, the curse of aging!!! I was running fairly well until I hit my 49th year, then the injuries started in earnest. Thank God for the invention of the bicycle and cross country skis! With these two activities, if you can avoid wipeouts and accidents, you can be injury free.
    Some runners, who have the right physiology (perfect foot placement with very little pronation), can run well right into their old age, but alas for the rest of us, it’s to find a replacement activity. Lawn bowling? Shuffleboard?

  3. You’re saying it’s possible to avoid wipeouts and accidents while riding or skiing? I don’t believe it, Jim! Never worked for me.
    BTW, RJ, you know the alternative to aging, right?

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