First MIT Group Ride of the 2012 Season

Due to the warm weather we have been experiencing, many of us have been out riding at different times.  So as requested by Jim here is first official MIT group ride of the season:

First MIT Ride of 2012
Saturday, March 17
Time:  11 am
Place:  Water Tower

I posted all rides for 2012.  Check the calendar on the right side the rides show in red numbers.  If you hold your cursor over the date it shows the destination and km’s. 

The rides include the standard like Kleefeld, Richer, St Pierre, Woodridge, then added New Bothwell, Ste Anne along with the one timers Headwaters (Sept 22) and Deacon’s (July 2).  Please feel free to provide comments on any ride changes.  One change this summer is hwy 210 from Ste Anne to Landmark will be paved this summer so we’ll incorporate into a ride at some point, maybe the New Bothwell or Ste Anne ride.

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  1. Absolutely! Stop will be ay Schellenberg Hardware store. Great coffee and free verbal shots included.

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